Angkorian Adventures – Our Top Ten Highlights

29 09 2014

With the current two-part BBC Jungle Atlantis documentary unearthing the secrets of the great Khmer Empire, we thought it would be a good time to put together a short guide to visiting this awe-inspiring archaeological wonderland. Read on to find our Top Ten Highlights of Angkor, and a handy guide to planning your trip.

Angkor Wat
The first episode charting the rise of the Empire can be viewed on the iplayer. The second episode which focuses on the decline and eventual abandonment of Angkor is broadcast on BBC2 on Thursday 2nd October at 8pm.

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How to choose a Halong Bay cruise – the definitive guide

22 09 2014

For many people the unique scenery of Halong Bay is one of the main inspirations for their trip to Vietnam, so choosing the right option for exploring these beautiful, island-strewn waters is key.

Here we provide a handy guide to Halong enabling you to make the right choice for you.

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A Photo Journey through Vietnam

9 09 2014

Our tour leader Tara has done a fair amount of travelling throughout Vietnam, yet is never short of fantastic photos to send back to us in the Bristol office. Here are a few pictures taken during the recent Highlights of Vietnam tour….

Here she shares 20 snapshots of day to day life in this beautiful country:

Vietnam motorbike

Hanoi hustle & bustle! Can’t find a parking spot for your motorbike…?

Vietnam Photo Blog

Sure you can! You’re always ‘Welcome’ at the jeweller’s! :-)

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A day in Phnom Penh

26 08 2014

Following on from her last picture blog, resident and tour leader, Tara, suggests the perfect way to spent a day in Phnom Penh.

If you’re looking for a point to start your Perfect Day in Phnom Penh, the place where Phnom Penh’s story all started makes perfect sense.

Take a tuk tuk to Wat Phnom (temple hill), the small hill north of the city, where religion and founding history go hand in hand. It’s a Buddhist ‘wat’ (temple) and the surrounding area provides a favourite hang out spot for families and couples.

The reason why I keep coming back here is the little Chinese temple is because I just can’t resist trying to catch a glimpse of my fortune. All the way in the back, there’s a little shrine where you will find a small wooden container, holding little numbered sticks. Think of an issue you have and shake the container carefully so that only one stick drops out. Show the number to the temple’s keeper and he will give you a little piece of paper with the corresponding explanation… in Khmer language – Your perfect opportunity to talk to a local! They will be happy to translate for you, as they will likely be curious to know a foreigner’s fortune! If you can’t find anyone, your hotel receptionist will be able to help you out later.

Cambodian Fortune Telling

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Countdown of Weird and Wonderful things to do in Vietnam (Part 2 of 2)

18 08 2014

As promised, our countdown of “Weird and Wonderful things to do in Vietnam” continues. While some of these might take you a bit outside of your comfort zone, the following recommendations are a recipe for adventure that will leave you with memories for a lifetime!

Even if you're not comfortable with driving a motorbike or scooter yourself, going with a qualified driver will give you a completely different perspective on life from a local's view.

Even if you’re not comfortable with driving a motorbike or scooter yourself, going with a qualified driver will give you a a true local’s perspective.

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A Countdown of Weird and Wonderful things to do in Vietnam (Part 1 of 2)

13 08 2014

I was recently asked for a list of “weird and wonderful things to do in Vietnam”. To be  honest, I couldn’t think of as many ‘weird’ things to do as I would have liked to but there is certainly no shortage of wonderful experiences is in this vast and varied country. Without further ado, here’s my list!


A walk in Hoi An

It’s often the simple things in Vietnam that stick with me the most. It’s certainly easy to find beauty in everyday street scenes like this one.

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Angkor What? -Life in Cambodia

6 08 2014

I am currently leading the Indochina Encompassed tour and in Siem Reap. It is hard not to be impressed with Angkor Wat, but there is so much more in this region, that many people are not aware of….

Kampong Khleang

When people hear about ‘Siem Reap’, they immediately think ‘Angkor Wat’. Or at least, most travellers do.
Not locals. Many of the people living in the Siem Reap province have never seen the beauty of Angkor. They see the beauty of the surrounding countryside.
They don’t know about life in times of the great Khmer Empire. They know daily life on the Khleang river.

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